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Monday, 25 April 2011

Message From Courtney

Dear Friends,
This is my first ALL CONTACTS email and I normally do not solicit by email but since I get many myself, consider this an opportunity to do some good community service in Washington and globally for just $5.
I am in Lacey Rotary, a local service organization that once a year sells rubber ducks as a fundraiser race for our many service projects including a Book Van, a school in Mexico, a literacy project in India and many youth scholarships along with Boys and Girls Club and more.
Just imagine...your little duck among thousands going over Tumwater Falls and paddling his way to the finisih line...and maybe Capitol Lake if he is sneaky. That is not actually a good thing but nice folks in canoes try to catch those little fellas if they get away.
IF you would like to help and have a chance (a lVERY ong shot but still a chance) to win a car, jewelry and other cool prizes if your duck crosses the finish line early on, then please let me know and I'll send you more info. I could sell tickets at the mall to strangers but I'd rather try friends and family first!
If you are in Lacey Rotary, feel free to ignore this email.
If you want to be totally taken off my email list contacts let me know that too. And my apologies for this solicitation....
Happy Easter by the way...and Happy Spring.
Article from last year...

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