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Tuesday, 29 June 2010


The costumes made by INDHA Women and Children of Literacy India on a stage show in Delhi/ chandigarh / Millimeter as Samraat in Rustam - Sohrab `s adaptation - BAGHI SAMRAAT

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  1. It is great joy to see that an organization such as yours is doing their best to educate the children of India, who have not been as lucky as us.Child labor is eating up the world from inside and we are not even noticing.
    We have been blessed to have had a good education-thanks to our parents..
    But then again there are some children in this country who can not even write their own names. Is it not then up to us to make sure that these children also get the education that they deserve.

    Spread the joy of reading, share the love. Be the voice for the millions people to PROMOTE EDUCATION In India
    Stand Up Take Action 2010.We need you…

    Globally more than 173 Million people stood up against poverty in 2009, a Guinness World Record!

    Let us break this record in 2010!

    It is Time for You to STAND UP AGAINST POVERTY NOW!

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