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Monday, 27 April 2009

Our future's in capable hands

Recently Literacy India found two very unexpected volunteers in the form of 11 year olds. Two enthusiastic class V students of "The Shri Ram School" Gurgaon, Arsh and Amanat Mehta joined the cause when they decided to hold exhibitions of Indha products at their school to raise funds for Literacy India.

It all started when the kids visited The Epicentre (a cultural space at Gurgaon) for a handicrafts & food festival. According to their mother "the boys sauntered off for a walk and half an hour later I had Arsh guiding me to a 'must-see' stall….he had taken a card and brochure from a stall called Literacy India which he said he absolutely had to show to his teacher Madhu Ma’am. Next thing I hear them make plans about it over the phone. Arsh had called up and organized samples worth Rs 2300 from Indha, after approvals from their teacher to tie up with the organisation as a part of their internal Paryavaran programme. Literacy India promptly sent them samples entirely on consignment, and thus was started their association with the cause."

We often say that the future of this country is in the hands of its children and especially seeing children like Arsh and Amanat, we can now be rest assured that the future is in very capable hands.

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